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Buy Local This Christmas Boost The Economy.

01 December 2016 BY Editor
"Buy Local" you see the decal in the shop window, the sign at the farmer's market, the bright, cheerful logos... The apparent message is "let's-support-local-business", a kind of community boosterism. Read full story

A Fantastic Initiative, A Credit To The Founders

“It is always a great pleasure to meet like minded people and this forum is full of them. The organisation… Sean Gallagher - Dragon's Den. Founder and CEO of Ireland's largest home technology company, Smarthomes.

Easy to navigate and full of useful articles for advice

Making the transition from employee to boss has been made so much easier by the help and support of the… Laura Monk - Butler Monk Solicitors

a good, knowledgeable support network

What's great about the site is that there is a perfect balance between allowing people to self-promote,… Trish Carey - Sandbox Design

    16 March 2016 Posted by: Editor
    The budget for marketing is often the first to be hit by cuts during tough economic times, with many businesses seeing it as a non-essential activity. Most marketing experts would take the view, however,… Read full story
  • You Only Sell Two Things - Your Expertise & Your Time

    12 March 2016 Posted by: Editor
    Developing a daily plan for your daily / weekly / bi-weekly activity is an absolute must in order for you to perform at significantly high levels of sales performance. There is very little doubt that the… Read full story
  • Social Sites Have Real Bite

    22 February 2016 Posted by: Editor
    Social networking sites have given consumers a great forum to air their grievances about companies and firms which underestimate the influences of such sites do so at their peril. Read full story
  • Top 7 Time Wasters and How to Eliminate Them

    15 February 2016 Posted by: Editor
    Do you read your e-mail before doing your priority projects? Do you allow people to burst into your office to talk to you? Do you try desperately to get things done but experience constant interruptions?… Read full story
  • Financial Planning

    31 January 2016 Posted by: Editor
    Personal finance covers a wide variety of money topics including budgeting, expenses, debt, saving, retirement and insurance among others. Understanding how each of these topics work together and affect… Read full story
  • Beware Social Media Marketing Myths

    21 January 2016 Posted by: Editor
    We've been misled as to the benefits of social networking sites. Many of us are finding that these tools do not live up to the hype, especially for small business. Once we start digging deeper, we're finding… Read full story
  • Ten Tips for Winning in a Recession

    23 December 2015 Posted by: Editor
    Unless you have been hiding in a cave somewhere, you have heard that the economy is doing poorly. Housing prices are down, the value of the euro is down, car sales are down, real estate is down, retail… Read full story
  • Credit Where It’s Due

    09 December 2015 Posted by: Editor
    Carrying out credit checks on customers and potential customers is particularly useful and important in the current economic climate, writes Nick Linnane. In an ideal world, managers don’t have to… Read full story
  • 1 in 4 SMEs not getting enough Credit

    19 November 2015 Posted by: Editor
    SMEs play a key role in the Irish economy representing a significant proportion of companies trading in Ireland. This review was conducted for The Department of Finance in Ireland and is a concise analysis… Read full story
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