YES Vote Gets It? Lazy Irish Electorate OR Right Decision?
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I’ve been following the children’s referendum with great interest. Since I am away (I chose to live the laptop lifestyle and get out of Ireland to re-group for a while) I missed the opportunity to vote. I can’t help but feel we have become a nation of lazy voters when it comes to elections. The figures speak for themselves…

“THE children’s rights referendum has been passed by a narrow margin, with final results from all count centres across the country showing a result of 58pc in favour versus 42pc against.

The turnout varied in the 43 constituencies but overall reached a very low 33.49pc.

In real terms, 1,066,239 people voted - out of a total electorate of 3,183,239.” Irish Times

Do you think we have become a nation of complainers? We are quick to give out about the government and country yet when a referendum is organised, we sit back and fail to respond? Why? It’s our children who have been saddled with the national debt and will have the huge responsibility to get us out of recession and recovery, yet when there is a referendum relating to children we sit back and fail to act?


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